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HortiMaX launches new UV disinfection unit

With the launch of the Vitalite CXL, HortiMaX offers a solution for the increasing demands placed on the safety and security of the food supply. The system effectively neutralizes pathogens using low pressure UV radiation on an exact wavelength of 254 Nm. Since low pressure UV radiation doesn't alter the water's composition, the nutrients in the water can be reused and the VitaLite CXL will quickly pay for itself.

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Help! We’re running out of phosphorus

The last few years there has been much discussion about the availability of phosphorus. Like water, it’s becoming increasingly scarce. Although the issue of water shortages has received much attention, fertilizers are just as important. Europe has a limited supply of extractable phosphorus. At the moment, the Netherlands is the only European country with a phosphorus surplus. In the Netherlands, the Nutrient Platform was set up to promote phosphate recycling. Prices of this commodity are expected to rise as shortages continue to grow. Will we run out of phosphorus? Is this concern justified and what can we do about it?

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23-26, BESKY IPM China, Beijing, CH

27-29, NGMA (National Greenhouse Manufacturers Association), Miami, USA

25-28, Almaty, KZ

8-10, Horti Asia, Bangkok, TH

20-22, VIV Europe Utrecht, NL

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