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First crop grown in ‘Chinese’ solar greenhouse in Holland

April 2017 saw the opening of the first Chinese-style solar greenhouse in the Netherlands, built for research and demonstration purposes. Equipped with high-grade Dutch technology, this solar greenhouse simulates the climate conditions of a typical greenhouse in China.

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GROWx: the first commercial vertical farm in Amsterdam

John Apesos and engineer Jens Rahman are the entrepreneurs behind GROWx, a business focusing on vertical farming solutions. GROWx's mission is to accelerate the transition to sustainable urban agriculture. Their first operation, located in Amsterdam, covers a production area of 250 m2 (2,700 ft2) that is soon to be extended to 1300 m2 (14,000 ft2). 

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15-18 July 2017
Stand no. 0317
Ohio, USA

20-24 August 2017
Beijing, China

24-25 August 2017
Nayarit, Mexico

Asia Fruit Logistica
6-8 September
Hong Kong

Dni Ogrodnika
9-10 September
Gołuchów, Poland

Canadian Greenhouse Conference
4-5 October
Niagara Falls, Canada

Expo Agroalimentaria
14-17 November
Irapuato, Guanjajuato, Mexico

15-17 November
Las Vegas, USA

28 Nov. - 1 Dec.
Krasnodar, Russia

Growtech Eurasia
28 Nov. - 1 Dec.
Istanbul, Turkey