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In Memory of Frans Nugteren (15 September 1928 – 29 November, 2016)

Frans Nugteren, founder of the current Ridder Group, died on 29 November 2016, aged 88. The farmer's son who only remained on the farm, because he didn't want to let his father down, used his farming experience to set up the business. One of his first projects was to develop a ditching machine, simply because he hated having to dig ditches manually. The ditching machine soon became a permanent fixture in Dutch agriculture.

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Beijing IEDA opens European office in Westland

The Chinese agricultural company Agrigarden has officially opened an European office in Westland. AgriGarden is the European headquarters of Beijing IEDA, a high-tech agricultural company in the Chinese market. Although the company has successfully cooperated with Dutch partners in China for a number of years, the high tech agricultural city in the Province of South Holland, will allow Beijing IEDA to expand and innovate with partners in The Netherlands. Arne Weverling, Vice Mayor of the city Westland, welcomed the Chinese agricultural company AgriGarden to Maasdijk, Westland.

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