Our aim is to create fruitful partnerships with professional growers in order to maximize their yields and profitability. We do so by providing durable, efficient and innovative solutions in the areas of




How did your crop perform today?

The aim of all growers is to produce the best quality product, in maximum quantities, at the right time and with as few resources as possible. Tracking daily crop performance is the key to producing maximum yields. To monitor crop performance , HortiMaX has developed its unique ProDrain system that determines the actual crop growth rate by measuring the increase in fresh weight.

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Ridder-HortiMaX climb to 18th place in Hillenraad 100

At the Hortigala dinner on 30 October, it was announced that the Ridder-HortiMaX group had climbed 20 places in the Hillenraad top 100 top, rising from 38th to 18th place. We're extremely proud and excited of this ranking in the top 100 of leading Dutch horticultural companies. We would like to think all our partners and customers for their trust and support.

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Upcoming events

November 2015
24-27, Expo Agroalimentaria
Guanajuato, Irapuato, Mexico

December 2015
1-2, GFIA Africa
2-5, Growtech Eurasia, Antalya Expo Centre,
Antalya, Turkey

January 2016
12-14, SIVAL, Angers Expo, France
26-29, IPM Essen, Germany