Our aim is to create fruitful partnerships with professional growers in order to maximize their yields and profitability. We do so by providing durable, efficient and innovative solutions in the areas of




HortiMaX Productive meets all our expectations

Dutch cucumber producer 'Hogervorst' opted for HortiMaX Productive in 2013. Productive is the successor of P-Plus and offers the most complete range of labour and production reporting capabilities available today. The system is used successfully all over the world, in both open field and protected horticulture, such as vegetable, fruit, ornamental or pot plant cultivation. The software was designed to provide employees with maximum flexibility and independence. Hogervorst is more than pleased with the system, which has already paid for itself.

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Ridder-HortiMaX signs cooperation agreement with Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture

Last thursday, 20 November, Ridder-HortiMaX signed a cooperation agreement with Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture, a prominent Dutch research institute. Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture has joined forces with Ridder-HortiMaX and other suppliers to ensure the continuation of horticultural research and development.

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December 2014
3 - 6, Growtech, Antalya Expo Center, Turkey

January 2015
13-15 Sival, Angers Expo Congress, France

27-30, IPM Essen, Germany

February 2015
10-12, Tuinbouw relatie dagen, Gorinchem, Netherlands