HortiMaX MultiMa

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The MultiMa is our most advanced control computer, specially designed to control the climate, irrigation and energy consumption in a glasshouse environment. Frequent software updates make sure that the system continues to meet the latest standards (e.g. underground heat and cold storage control). The MultiMa was designed with flexibility in mind, enabling it to grow as your business expands.

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HortiMaX MultiMa
  • Our most advanced controller
  • Optimum climate control
  • A wide range of user-definable options
  • Unparalleled reliability and flexibility

Customer testimonial

Frank van Kleef: 'We again opted for the HortiMaX MultiMa'

Tomato growers 'Van den Ende-Van Kleef' have again opted for a HortiMaX MultiMa computer to control the climate, irrigation and energy usage at their brand-new 74-acre operation ‘Royal Pride Holland’ in the Netherlands. At their other operation, where they grow 32 acres of tomatoes, Van den Ende-Van Kleef have used the MultiMa with complete satisfaction for years now. ‘The computer does what it’s supposed to do, such as controlling the climate and irrigation, and managing our energy sources and usage. The MultiMa also includes easy-to-use operating software, which all of our staff are able to work with’, said Frank van Kleef, who dislikes equipment with complicated controls. 

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