HortiMaX Products

HortiMaX provides both basic and high-tech solutions to horticultural operations of all sizes, in over twenty countries. Our wide range of products enables us to offer a suitable solution for virtually any application.



Climate & Energy

► Control, manage and monitor your glasshouse climate

Water & nutrition

► Automate irrigation and improve your water quality 

Labour & productivity

► Maximise productivity at the lowest possible costs

Operation and Analysis

► Operate, check and manage any HortiMaX process computer

Upcoming events

11-13, Hortiflor Beijing, China

31 – 2 June Russian Covered Ground, Moscow, RU

14-16, GreenTech Amsterdam, the Netherlands

17 June
Open House at our new premises
Honderdland 131, Maasdijk, the Netherlands
From 3 pm